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Jerusalem Talmud Throughout The Ages

The Teachings of the Land of Israel contain a treasury of wisdom and ethical teaching that has daily relevance to each and every one of us. These teachings are imprinted with the special beauty and flavor of the Land of Israel. The Jerusalem Talmud did not cease to be studied through out the ages. In Babylonia, the authors of early Halakhic works (originating from Sura) such as Halakhoth Gedoloth, Halakhoth Pesuqoth and Halakhoth Ketzuvoth follow some rulings of Eretz Yisrael over the Babylonian Talmud. Actual incorporation of the Jerusalem Talmud is attested in early Geonic works such as Sefer Ha-Hefez and Sefer ha-Methivoth which  cite the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud in tandem. Join us in exploring fascinating texts and learning from the incredible teachings of the Jerusalem Talmud.


When all is going well many people develop a healthy sense of complacency, while others may develop an unhealthy

Status Quo

In life we often experience antithetical outcomes. We can try hard at something certain that our efforts will pan


It is rare to find someone who truly and honestly believes that he is impervious to temptation. However, there

Happy Birthday

When we are little, nothing excites us more than that long awaited birthday. It is a day when we

It’s a Miracle!

"Its a Miracle!” - These are words that all us have used and misused. When something unlikely happens we


We are often faced with a situation where we end up yielding to someone else even though we believe

כוונות טובות. החלטות רעות

ההחלטות שאנו עושים בכל יום כרגיל מונעות על ידי כוונות בלתי מזיקות. מעטים הם האנשים שאינם מבינים שלהזיק במישהו

Letter of the Law

The words of the Torah are absolute and literally binding. Even if we think we understand their purpose we

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