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וְהָיָה עֵקֶב תִּשְׁמְעוּן (Deut 7.12). Does following God’s commandments without accepting God merit His protection and providence? What relationship does God want from the Jewish People? עברית

Entropy. The world is a seedbed for success. If we see failure around us it is not because this is the world’s nature but because we have not succeeded in cultivating its innate blessing

Using Havdalah light before blessing (Gen. 1:3).  (Bereshith).The Mishnah teaches that one must use the light of the Havdalah candle before reciting a blessing over it. This imitates God’s actions in the creation of the world.

Is it better to steal a little or a lot (Gen 6:5) (Noah). The Talmud Yerushalmi teaches that acts of stealing that can not be claimed in a court incurs the Divine Retribution

Is a pretext always bad (Gen 18:15) (Wayera ). Is a coming on a pre-text always shun-able? God goes through loops so as to be able to commune with Sarah.

The Wisdom of Women So impressive and spectacular are righteous women that God goes through circuits just to exchange a few words with them. God sets for us an example and insinuates how we should seek righteous and wise women appreciate the unique Wisdom of Women.

Betzalel: Man’s lofty Intellect. God endowed Betzalel (Exodus 35:39) with the wisdom and artisanship required to build the Mishkan.  The wisdom which he possessed  embodied in a human being was of course subject to human limitations. However, our Sages expanded on the provenance of Betzalel’s cognitive abilities.

Death and Mourning: A Cosmic Experience.