Teachings of Pesikta De-Rav Kahana

Commitment not Expression – God judges people’s merit not according to absolutes but according to the situation and level of the individual

What does God want from us? – How virtuous does God expect His people to be?Is one expected to live a passive or pro-active life of worshipping our God.

God desires to join the Jewish Community – In the Scriptures God urges the Jewish People to return to Him, but in fact it is God who actively desires to join the communityof His People.

Reward and Punishment – The Rabbis disputed whether God is exacting in meting out punishment. Does he pay us back exactly or mostly what we deserve?

 Divine Punishment is GradualWhen a person sins God does not immediately mete out in full the punishment he deserves. Punishment comes in stages. After each stage God gives a person the chance to change his ways.

Performance as Torah Study