The institute is currently looking to conduct the following study:

The State of Knowledge of Rabbi Ishmael’s Teachings among the Amoraim of Eretz Yisrael (Upcoming)

Examines instances where the Talmud inquires about Rabbi Ishmael’s source of a halakha. An attempt to determine the state of knowledge of his exegetical sources and system among the Amoraim of Eretz Yisrael.


You can help advance this study and take part in a unique learning opportunity. 

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You will  receive supporting  materials for the study. You will also receive updates on the progress of the study and notifications on any new findings as they come up.

COST: $10

Current Registrants:

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb (NY), Zvi Erenyi (NY), Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg (NY), Rabbi Seth Nadel (Jerusalem), Rabbi Nosson Zvi Baron (Cleveland, OH), Rabbi Akiva Males (PA),  Rabbi Joshua Hess (NJ),  Rabbi Elijah Silber (Antwerp), Joshua Weiss (NJ),  Derek Saker (South Africa),  Jonathan Schick (Antwerp),  Yochanan Abitbol (NY),  Joel Glecer (Antwerp),  Mattitjahu Kranendonk (Antwerp), Michael Fisher (NY),  Ariel Oppenheim (Antwerp),  Benjamin Joffe (NY), Maria and Heini Shaefer (Germany), Hugh Feibusch (NY), Yisrael Rosenthal (Antwerp), Prof. Avraham Goldstein (NY), Dr. Moshe Rose (NJ), Avraham Epstein (PA), David Tesler (NY), Jeremy Sulzbacher (Antwerp), Eliana Bear (NJ)