Phenomena and Characteristics Database

The Institute has scoured through the Talmud Yerushalmi and classified its contents into a database which is capable of providing reference texts that can be used for research on a broad variety of topics.

The Institute’s Database introduces a new model of recording research and sharing information. Unlike previous generations where the identification and analysis of reference texts died with the scholars of the field, the Institute’s database makes these available for any researcher. The model  also allows researchers to share findings and discoveries with each other as they come across them.

Below is a list of the categories currently registered in the Institute’s Database:


  1. משא ומתן מועתק – Discourse that was copied “as is” into a new context where it obtains a new meaning and often results in the formation of rough edges. Related Study: Textual Borrowings
  2. גמרא שלא נכללה בעריכה האחרונה – Gemara that was not included in the Final Redaction
  3. מובאות מתוך הסוגיה – Citations from within the Sugya.